Useful Steps To Take When Prepping Your Home For Winter

Prepping your home for the winter is important because these months are cold, and they are going to affect the way you live. Making your home better for the winter doesn't have to be difficult, thanks to these tips.

Utilize Heating Oil

In order to keep your home warm throughout those winter months, you are going to need lots of heating oil from a company like Cardinal USA Fuel Oil. This type of oil is great for keeping your heating appliances running, and it's extremely efficient. It's more efficient compared to propane, gas and electricity because oil has a higher BTU content.

While this type of oil burns, you don't have to worry about it producing any soot, odors or dirt. As a result, it's extremely beneficial for the environment. Since heating oil is non-explosive, it's extremely safe to use. You don't have to worry about the oil burning, even if it's in a liquid state.

Maintain the Hot Water Heater

The hot water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home during the winter, as this helps you have hot water when taking a shower or bath. To keep the hot water heater working correctly and efficiently, you need to drain the heater tank and wash out the sediment.

First, turn the water supply off and put a bucket beneath the drain cock. Open this up, letting all of the water and sediment drain out. Keep repeating this process until the water comes out clean. When you are finished, close the drain cock and turn the water supply back on. Thanks to this step, you can keep your hot water heater working great for a long time.

Keep Gutters Clean

The gutters are important to keep clean throughout the winter months. If you don't, your gutters could get clogged, causing water and snow to collect against your home's foundation. In turn, your home may be more susceptible to leaks.

Cleaning the gutters is easy when you use a lightweight vacuum. Put the thin nozzle in the gutter, removing all of the leaves, dirt and debris. Using a vacuum lets you clean without having to get your hands dirty. Once the gutters are completely clean, go ahead and check the downspouts at the bottom. Make sure they are in good condition and that they are pointed away from your property.

Your home is a place of comfort and a place where you come to relax. The winter months don't have to affect your home at all if you heat your home with oil, maintain your hot water heater and keep your gutters clean.