3 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle Tires

When it comes to your tires, you want them to last. The average vehicle tire costs around $139 and should last between 2-5 years with good tread life. You can extend the life of your tires and make them safer on the road by following these 3 tips.

3. Always do wheel balancing after changing a tire

If you have recently bought new tires or changed the rims on your vehicle, you need to make sure your wheels are balanced. This can be done at your local auto service center. Your tires are placed on a wheel balancing machine to make sure the weight on the axle is even all the way around the tire. This helps ensure even wear on your tire while you are driving.

Any imbalance can cause parts of your tire to wear out, leaving you with ample tread on most of your tire with weak areas of threads sticking out. Since imbalance can cause your tires to wear out of even have a blow out while driving, getting them balanced any time you place a tire back on your vehicle is key to making them last longer.

Keep your tires inflated

Keeping your tires inflated not only extends their life, they can increase your gas mileage as well. Properly inflated tires can reduce your gas consumption by up to 3.3%. Check your tires once a month or so to make sure they are holding air, and also check to make sure your tires are evenly inflated as well to avoid putting pressure on one tire over others. If you are concerned about the air pressure in your tires, you can have someone check your tire pressure for you and adjust it accordingly.

Note: Cold weather causes tires to restrict, while warmer weather causes them to expand. If your tires appear to be lower in pressure, cold weather may be to blame. Check the tire pressure for accuracy before inflating them to avoid putting too much air in your tires.

Drive more consciously

Every time you hit a pot hole or screech to a halt, your tire tread pays the price. Try to exercise caution when you drive, so your tires can last for a longer period of time. Try these tips:

  • accelerate slowly from a stop
  • tap your brakes, don't slam them
  • drive slowly on gravel

If you take care of your tires, they are more likely going to last as long as their tread life will allow and beyond. Use these simple tips to perform proper tire care so you can enjoy your tires safely for years to come. To learn more, or if you have different questions, try contacting a company like Henry's Tire for help.