Three Little Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Car's Paint

That shiny new paint job you obtained at the local auto body shop may make you proud to step in your car and drive and you will most likely go to great lengths to try to keep it protected. You park your car in the garage, treat it with kid gloves when you wash it, and spend a lot of money on products designed to give you an added layer of protection. However, there are several ways you can damage the paint of your car with simple mistakes of human error.

Spilled Beverages

Whether you are fumbling for your keys or gathering bags from inside of your vehicle, drivers tend to set drinks, such as soda and coffee, on the top of the car for a brief moment. Unfortunately, to err is human and it is all too easy to drive off with your beverage still sitting right where you left it. These spilled drinks often contain acidic components that are extremely dangerous to the vitality of your paint job. If you do have an accidental spill, it is important to clean off any residue as quickly as possible to prevent damage.

Squashed Bugs

If there is one thing you cannot avoid unless you just never drive your car, it is bugs on the roadway. The fact is, there will be times of the year when a squashed bug or two will just be part of the everyday routine. One of the worst things you can do is leave these squashed bugs on your car's paint. When the bugs start to deteriorate, there can be all kinds of dangerous chemicals breaking down your paint at the same time.

Tree Sap

You may avoid parking under trees because you are afraid of falling debris, but one little known fact is tree sap can be very damaging as well. The worst part about it is, tree sap is not only dangerous to a paint job, but it can be hard to see as well. Unless you are looking closely, or run your fingers across the surface of your car, you may never know that it is there. Anytime you park under a tree, you should be careful to check your car to make sure it does not have sap on the paint.

The last thing you want with a new paint job is to see it get damaged. It is all too easy to cause problems with simple little mistakes that every drivers make. Avoiding these three is the perfect place to start making sure your nice paint lasts as long as possible. Talk to your local auto body experts, such as Select Collision Centers Inc, for more information.