RVing Mistakes That You Can Easily Avoid

If you are new to RVing, you will likely make several mistakes as you learn to master the art of RVing without any issues. Fortunately, you can learn from the mistakes that have previously been made by others and avoid learning these difficult lessons yourself. Here, you will learn how to RV successfully and avoid mistakes that could cause you a great deal of grief.

Parking Problems

Parking can be one of the most difficult aspects of owning an RV. A few common mistakes that RVers have made that you can learn from include:

Parking under a tree – Sure the shade is nice on a hot summer day, but remember that the trees are also homes for birds. These birds tend to leave many droppings behind on your roofing, windows and awnings. If you do not clean the droppings before rolling up your awnings, the chemicals in the droppings could destroy the awning. This means that you will have to spend time cleaning up your awnings and letting them dry before you can pack up to head out.

Note: If you cannot clean the awnings before rolling them up, be sure to do so as soon as you possibly can. It may seem like a headache, but it is much less work to clean the awnings than it is to replace them.

Damaging awnings while parking – You will use your mirrors to help guide you into a parking spot, but in many cases, the mirrors do not give you a clear line of sight of your awnings. If you are squeezing into a spot with a tree or utility pole nearby, be sure to keep an eye on your awnings as you back in. Failure to watch the awnings will lead to damaged awning hardware that can be a pain to repair.

Hook-Up Problems

Hooking up your RV to the water and electricity supply can be a little time consuming, especially when you are still learning. Common mistakes made include:

Hooking up before checking slide-outs and awnings – As soon as you are parked, your first instinct may lead you to hooking up the water, sewage and electricity. Unfortunately, this can lead you to have to do it all over again. Check to be sure that the slide-outs and awnings have enough space to open before you hook-up the utilities. Failure to do so could cause you to have to disconnect and reconnect a second time.

Bad hose connections – If you notice that a hose connection does not look to be in good condition, do not use it! Hooking up a sewer hose with a failing connection can lead to one giant, smelly mess. Replace failing hoses and you can avoid getting covered in waste and spending hours cleaning up a mess that could have easily been avoided.

You can learn from the mistakes of others. If you simply avoid these common mistakes, you can get a leg up on enjoying your RVing experiences for many, many years. Talk to an RV center like Orangewood RV Center to learn more about becoming an expert RVer.