Tips On Properly Maintaining Your Vehicle's Wrap

You spent so much time working with a designer to create the perfect advertising tool or cool design for your vehicle. It is everything you want and more. Don't let the wrap that you spent time, money, and energy on become damaged or worn. Consider the maintenance tips below to keep your vehicle's wrap as good as new.

Use a Professional to Apply the Wrap

A lot of wear and tear on your vehicle wrap can be avoided if it is properly applied. While anyone can successfully apply a wrap to their vehicle, it may be best to let a professional like Wrap City Graphics do the job. A professional will have proven themselves as capable of successful applications and should be able to show you a portfolio of their work.

There are so many factors when it comes to proper application. Temperature alone can affect how well the wrap will adhere to your vehicle's surface. A professional will know all the tricks of the trade so you can relax and enjoy your car's new wrap without the stress and hassle.

Hand Wash Often

The time between washes will depend on many things, but washing your vehicle wrap at least every other week will keep it clean and strong. If your car is exposed to a lot of dirt or other pollutants, consider washing more frequently to prevent damage or staining.

While a wrap that was properly applied can probably withstand a drive through the car wash, it is best to hand wash it as it is gentler and you'll know exactly what products are being used on it.

There are many automotive detergents to choose from. Ask for detergent recommendations from the automotive wrap company that applied your wrap to be sure you're not using anything too harsh.

Avoid the Elements as Much as Possible

Sunshine, rain, snow and other natural elements can prematurely age your automotive wrap. When not in use, it is best to keep your vehicle in a garage or other such shelter to avoid fading or other damage caused by the elements.

If shelter is not available, consider waxing your car with wax that is safe for use with vehicle wraps. Wax is a great way to add UV protection to your car's wrap so as not to cause fading. Another way to protect your car that also takes less time than waxing is a protective cover.

Don't let all of your time, money, and work go to waste. Maintain your car's wrap and keep it as good as new by following the tips above.