5 Tips For Selling Your Car To A Junkyard

If you've got an old vehicle that you think isn't worth anything on your local used car market, you still may be able to sell it to a junkyard for cash. here are five things that you should do prior to the selling the vehicle to a junk yard that will help to maximize your profits as well as ensure that the sale goes smoothly.

Establish Ownership

The first thing that you need to do is make certain that the vehicle has a free and clear title. Junkyards are not allowed to legally purchase vehicles from anyone but the person who holds the title. You local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can provide information concerning establishing vehicle ownership. Most states will allow you to file for a lost title if vehicle ownerships cannot be clearly established.

Assess the Value of the Vehicle

After taking careful stock of the vehicle and making note of all damages, use the Kelly Blue Book to assess the value of the vehicle. This may help you to get a better price from the junkyard. You should also consider making any minor repairs that might make the vehicle roadworthy. Junkyards pay more for cars that can be driven, and you'll save yourself the expense and hassle of towing the vehicle to the junkyard if you're able to drive it there.

Shop Around

Call around to various junkyards and get estimates from each one. Prices can vary significantly between these types of businesses. Don't be afraid to negotiate prices -- keep in mind that a junk dealer will always present the lowest price first, and that most are prepared to bargain. Keep in mind that most junkyard owners or managers will not offer a firm price until they are able to inspect the vehicle in person.

Clean the Car

Making certain that the vehicle's surfaces are free of dirt, grime, grease, and debris will probably result in a higher price being offered at the junkyard. It's also wise to look under and behind the seats for items that you or members of your family may have lost over the years.

Deliver the Car to the Junkyard

Many junkyards will reduce their offering prices substantially for vehicles that they have to pick up, so it's in your best interests to deliver the car yourself. If it isn't drivable, towing it yourself using another vehicle will save you from having to use an expensive towing service. The junkyard will issue you a check or pay you in cash after you sign over ownership of the vehicle to them.

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