Protect Your Investment And Maximize Your Adventure - A Guide To Types Of Snowmobile Trailers

Living in an area with great access to a snowy landscape can provide you with an excellent opportunity to explore that landscape in the most exciting way possible. Snowmobiling is an increasingly popular hobby among many outdoor enthusiasts, but the task of delivering your snowmobile safely to the excursion site can be difficult without developing your knowledge of your options.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of the common choices available in snowmobile trailers. Keeping this information in mind will allow you to buy or rent the trailer that will best fulfill your needs, guaranteeing that nothing stands between you and the wilderness adventure that you're so excited to embrace.

Open Tilt Trailers

Perhaps the simplest of all the options, an open tilt trailer is designed as a large, flat bed that rotates on the tire axle to allow for loading and unloading of your snowmobile. These trailers are the lightest weight of all of the options, providing a benefit in towing if you're concerned about the capacity of your vehicle.

Open tilt trailers do offer a secure tie down bar that will allow you to firmly attach your snowmobile to the vehicle during transport. They're best used in environments where snow isn't constantly falling and there aren't many branches and other impediments to dodge, as your snowmobile will be exposed to the elements.

Open Drive-Off Trailers

If you want to maintain the openness of a tilt trailer but are concerned about the stability of your snowmobile's suspension, an open drive-off trailer can be the right choice. These trailers typically have a loading ramp that is stowed either folded up on the deck surface or slid into a compartment beneath it to allow for more gentle loading and unloading.

Open drive-off trailers have some of the same limitations as open tilt trailers, but do provide the opportunity for more accurate loading. Thus, they're more advantageous in hilly or other unstable environments where it's important to maintain as much balance as possible.

Enclosed Tilt Trailers

For snowmobile owners who don't have a reliable garage to store their vehicle in or who plan on heading out in inclement weather, an enclosed tilt trailer offers an additional layer of protection. A hard shell, typically composed of fiberglass to resist environmental damage, is firmly mounted to the deck of your trailer. A hatch allows for loading and unloading and can even double as a ramp, and you can be sure that your snowmobile will be fully guarded against wind, snow, rain, and the other challenges of the great outdoors. For more information, contact a professional like Ace Trailer Sales.