Learn How To Change Your Car's Oil

Changing the oil is key component to making sure that your car keeps running as smoothly as possible. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change the oil in your car. To complete the following the task you will need these items:

Can or bottle of oil

Oil pan

Car jack

Disposable canister

A new oil filter


1- Start opening the hood of the car by pulling the hood release under the driver's wheel. This will pop the lock and then you can release the hood latch located in the middle of the hood.  Lift the hood open and prop it up using the hood rod to keep it locked in the standing position.

2 - Use a jack to jack up the car six to eight inches to allow you room to slide your body underneath your car.

3 - Crawl underneath the car and located the oil drain plug at the bottom of the engine. Do not loosen the plug yet, as oil will immediately begin to drain out.

4 - Place the oil pan under the drain plug to catch all of the oil as it drains out of the engine. Unscrew the oil plug with a wrench and let the oil drip out for approximately five minutes to ensure all the dirty oil is completely drained.

5 - Remove the oil filter and empty the remaining oil residue into the pan. Place the dirty oil into a disposable canister and then take it into a auto mechanic, like Central Ave Auto Body, to have it properly disposed of to adhere to all environmental regulations.

6 - Take the new oil filter and rub oil around the ring with your finger to lubricate it before screwing into place on the engine.

7 - Take the oil cap off the top of the engine and pour the new oil into the engine. Make sure you consult with your owner's manual to find out how much oil your engine needs to run properly.

8 - Screw the oil cap in place and lower the car down from the jack to complete the job.

If you have any problems or don't have the time to change your oil yourself then you can take it into a local mechanic's garage and have them change it for a modest fee. A mechanic can also look over your car and run test on your engine to make sure that is operating at peak performance levels.