Two Big Issues To Avoid When Shopping For A Used RV Trailer

When you want the convenience of an RV with the ability to hook up and go whenever you feel the need, an RV travel trailer is a good option. But even though the RV trailer is a less expensive option than a full-on drivable RV, you could still pay thousands of dollars for a new model. Buying used is a good idea in the world of RVs, but only if you possess the right knowledge to make you a smart shopper. There are two big issues that should make you run the other direction when you are shopping for a used tow-behind RV trailer.    

Problems with Mold or Mildew

If you find a seller that has their RV trailer listed at a lower-than-usual price due to small amounts of mold and mildew inside, you may be tempted to jump on the opportunity. However, even small amounts of mold and mildew inside of an RV trailer are not a good sign. Some shoppers assume that a small amount of mildew, spotted under the sinks or on the walls, probably goes along with an RV being stored for a lot of months out of the year, but this should not be the case. If the RV was properly cleaned beforehand and stored the right way, mold and mildew would never be a problem. This kind of problem is a sure-fire indicator that the RV has not been well maintained and you could end up with even bigger problems on your hands if you go ahead and buy the unit anyway.  

Stability Issues 

When you step onto an RV trailer, you should not feel the axles sway and shift with just your weight. An unstable RV trailer usually means structural problems or issues with the underlying support, both of which can be quite costly to address no matter how cheap you get a used RV for. If you suspect structural damage, do not be shy about crawling under an RV for sale to look for signs of rust and corrosion or even termite damage. Take a flashlight with you and look closely at the support hardware of the unit. Any signs of damage will tell you that the RV will need a major overhaul and should definitely be left sitting. 

Shopping for an RV trailer, even if it is a used one, can be an incredibly exciting experience. Just make sure that while you shop (at a local outlet such as Crowder RV Center, Inc.), you keep your logical thinking cap in place to help you avoid making costly buying decisions.