Help Your Small Towing Business Succeed

Help your small towing business succeed by taking some steps to keep your customers satisfied. You will provide people with a positive impression and they will be likely to give your business a call when they need their vehicles towed in the future.

Cool Refreshments And A Comfortable Ride

Bring a cooler stocked with cold beverages along with you when you go to pick up each customer's vehicle. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and enjoy the opportunity to have a cold drink if they have been sitting alongside the road for a while. Set up the inside of your truck's cab so that it provides each person with a relaxing ride. Add seat covers that include extra cushioning and portable fans that hook onto the side windows. 

Free Tows And Other Small Tokens

Give your customers opportunities to win tickets for free tows and other small prizes. Hand people slips to fill out with their names and phone numbers during each business transaction with your company. Place all of the slips in a container and pull one out at random, several times each year.

Provide the winners with tickets that they can redeem whenever they are in need of a tow. Other small prizes may include t-shirts with your business name printed on them or certificates for a free dinner at a popular restaurant. Advertise each random drawing in your local newspaper or on fliers that you place in local businesses.

Prompt Response And Flexible Schedule

If you are going to be away from your business, have calls forwarded to your cellphone or home telephone number. Hire an additional driver who has towing experience and owns a tow truck. You will be able to service more people in the same amount of time. Purchase two cellphones with the same number that your customers can reach you and the other driver on. 

Offer 24 hr towing every day. Make sure that you or the other driver is available to assist customers on holidays and weekends. By being able to reach your business with ease, people will not become frustrated or turn to one of your competitors.

Being conscientious about your business and maintaining the proper safety standards will also help your towing company thrive. Be helpful to each customer and clearly answer any questions that they may have about how their vehicle is going to be transported. If people are satisfied with the services that they receive, they will be more likely to call upon you for assistance in the future.